28 February 2011

Busy, busy, busy

 a little peek of what has been keeping me busy:

Mini notebooks:

Pocket sized notebooks:
A5 Notebook from recycled girls pinafore:
Oh and the most exciting news...
I have a new sewing machine:
It comes with a hard case, so no little fingers can get at it.
My other machine is being put in the loft.
 it's great machine but the same part kept snapping and wanted something a bit more modern, that takes my sewing skills to the next stage.
It is so quiet and the foot pedal has 2 speeds.
Can't wait to have a go at free stitching...

Thanks for stopping by.
What kept you busy at the weekend???


SewChristine said...

This must be your lucky day because you've won my giveaway too.

dreamstar said...

Love your new machine. I have a janome also, it's great.
Thank you for joining my blog, i look forward to reading yours. I am based in Northants also so we may cross paths at craft fairs at some point.