17 February 2015

How LONG??!!???

Phew it's been awhile since I was last here.
Same old boring story - life got in the way!
But I am back!!
What have I been making while I've been away...

Making my first quilt for littlest one:
Then bigger one wanted one so he got one too:
Little bit of Upcycling.
From tea trolley to typewriter storage:
A tunic:
and a skirt:
Teddy bears:

So if anyone is still out there ... Thank you for reading and ...

2 September 2013

PROUD very proud mummy moment

Alfie has been practising name writing.
He loves pointing out the letter A when we're out and about.
This holiday we have been on a mission.
Usually he will write his name but it isn't as simple as it sounds and it's hard because I don't want to put him off.
We try to make it fun.
Sometimes he practises while holding 4 pens at once, other times he holds the pen in mouth...
today was a breakthrough...
today was different...
today he sat at the table, got his favourite pencil and just wrote his name, no prompting from mum, just did it!!!!!!!!!!!
He even gets to wear his own
Little Star
rosette, which always puts a smile on his face.

31 August 2013

Recent buys.

LOVE - LOVE - LOVE - Charity Shops.
I have a particular favourite one.
Todays visit found these goodies:
One mahooosive (made up word meaning bigger than massive!) piece of fabric.
I knew it was big, the label had an alien measurement to me 'yards' but just by looking at it i knew it was big.
Look at the bright colours, they are even brighter in real life.
 Selection of Ladybird books.
These are in great condition.
Mick the disobedient puppy has a dust jacket which hides the original cream with blue writing cover. A real treat!
This photo shows some which aren't in such good condition.
As i was skimming them over my son commented
"I have never seen anyone look so happy to find ruined and damamged books!"
the scribbles, the rips, no spines = recycling.
Last month i cancelled my Mollies Makes subscription.
This one has done well as i usually only keep them for a year before changing but this magazine is more of an inspiration book to me.
BUT all good things come to an end, recently i found the projects were getting more crochet and felting. Plus other crafty magazines were having the same projects.
Which magazine do i buy now?? There are so many!!
When entering WHS to choose i was drawn to the free gift on this one.
I don't usually buy magazines for the free gifts but this one was designed by Jane Foster and i love her work.
Ironically after cancelling my subscription i end up buying the same blooming magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We recently went to Woburn and Alfie was allowed to choose a toy.
Surprisingly, he picked this one!
A cute bumble bee.
This got me wondering - why do we not have more bumble bee toys?
These cute insects are becoming extinct.
Toys could help children learn about them and not be so afraid of them.
PLUS learn the difference between cute bees and horrid wasps.
What treats have you brought recently?

1 August 2013

minifig me!!!!

It's true - Lego have made me immortal.
Although it is just pure chance as they have never met me!
What's even funnier is that the mug says shhhh as i have, much to my shame, been told to be quiet or would to have leave the library!!!
I often get called geek which used to bother me but i have now accepted this is who i am: Geek!
(as is Pharell so I'm in good company!)
Part of the reason i have been called this is due to my love of books.
This is no secret but very few people know how large my collection is.
Today i am going to give you a peek into my crazy book world.
Just a peek mind!
this little pile is my
"important" books ...
...little fun sewing books...
...sewing tutorial books...
Tucked in this pile is a charity shop gem...
if you get the chance to see a copy of this book it's worth it. 
It has saved me in many "oh no" scenarios as it shows you what to use in place of everyday objects.
A quick peek...
...some ultra cool books...
Plus exciting news *** Print&Pattern Children is coming out this year!!
I LOVE it when you take off a dust jacket and see a great cover underneath.
Like this fab one hiding under the dust jacket of Etc...
...Lynne Perella books...
 Love her style and would love to be this free in my craft.
...scrapbooking books.
LOVE the Autumn Leaves Designing with range.
Can you tell??
Remember the dolls house
It's being used to store
...my Mollie Makes collection...
...the roof has my mini collection of childrens books.
A great distraction for Alfie!
This fun little book has lots of easy, fun, printing activities.
Reminds me a bit of my Nursery Nurse days -  activity planning...
This is a great educational book on how we get cotton...
This is just part of my collection of crafting books.
I haven't even touched on my collection of rare local history books or my general bookcase.
My children have their own bookcases in their rooms and a general one on the landing. In fact every room in our house has books in it and i love seeing my boys sitting looking at them.
Especially when Alfie asks me to read his favourite one or Charlie tells me he has a new title that he wants to own.
 You can never have too many books.
Also my love of books is the reason I only recycle damaged books.

25 July 2013

Unless you been sleeping under a rock

you will have noticed the hype in the news.
I am not ashamed to say i have always been a Royal Family fan.
I remember the excitement when Diana married her prince...being woken with the news she had tragically died...Prince William being born...Prince Harry being born...all the milestones in their life.

It does make me feel old that I am now old enough to see these same Royal children getting married themselves:
and having their own son:
George Alexander Louis
HRH Prince George of Cambridge

22 July 2013


...bits and bobs.
My baby is a boy!
Time has gone too quickly, he will be starting school in September.
So far i am handling it well.
This week playschool held a graduation party for those leaving to start big school.
How adorable does my boy look???
Due to end of term activities and spending precious time with the boy journal making has taken a back seat.
BUT not all craftiness.
A conversation with someone lead to making a rosette.
This expanded and became rosettes!!
i love making them.
Something new and different for me.
Whilst we outside, enjoying summer, Charlie spotted this in the sky:
It doesn't look very clear but this rainbow appeared while the sun was blazing.
Turns out to be a RAINBOW cloud and even though common in America, very rare in this country.
Science will tell you it's something to do with humidity, clouds, height of sun etc
i will tell you it's because we're lucky!
It not often you see Reese's on offer so i stocked up!!
Finding this picture in an old Ladybird book.
It makes me laugh every time i look at it.
Mum starts the day with a bottle of wine.

6 July 2013

it's my party ...

... well my birthday anyway.
... or it was.
This post is slightly delayed but had to share some goodies with you.
I was VERY lucky and got ALOT of lovely presents.
I love and appreciate every card and gift, that people took time to choose something and spend their money on me.
Some people even made me gifts!!

Thank you


and this one was wrapped up so pretty too.
Thank you everyone for all my gifts and cards.