27 March 2011

Craft Fayre coming up...

Now the weather is picking up alot of you are venturing into craft fayre territory.
For alot of us first timers the nerves are setting in just thinking about it.
Wow the kind words, advice and tips shared via the crafty forums certainly boosted my confidence and helped me. So it only fair to share what I was told:
-Make sure your display is eyecatching
- smile and say hello to people when they look at your stuff
- A small discount will almost always sway an on-the-fence customer

-take plenty of change
-Chat to lots of other stall holders as they will know a lot about the best events around.
-something warm to wear lots of layers.
-Plenty of business cards/flyers as some people take these and then buy online.
-a flask and something to eat. At most of the events I have attended the coffee tends to be awful.
-It can be nerve wracking but try to relax and have fun, think of it as a day out for you to get your name out there and make a couple of pounds!
-make a list of all that you need to take with you and make sure you check it all in the morning before you go.
-Pack a lunch and a lovely choccie biscuit, wear comfy shoes, smile and talk to everyone.
-some of the customers can be awkward but don't take this personally
-Get there with lots of spare time, so you can unload the car, park, and set up in a leisurely way.

And the best 2 pieces:
-remember you've put a lot of love into your items, so have confidence in them.

Thank you to you all :o)))



Tanya from Cards with a Difference said...

Good luck. I love doing craft fairs. I did seven last year and have one coming at the beginning of April. Just enjoy the experience and you will have a fab time.

Kitsch Kitten said...

This is a really great helpful post thanks!

jean leyshon said...

lovely blog im glad our comments helped you,its suprising how a word of encouragement goes a long way,much better than a criticism.
you will be well prepared for your next one,then you can pass tips on to someone else
jean xx

chris said...

Great blog - thanks for sharing.