28 April 2011

Another attempt

A big Thank you to Kate Bowles, I asked if could feature her shop on my blog and she not only said yes but also gave me advice. Thank you for the comments left :o))

I have noticed there are very few recent videos, blog posts etc on Bookbinding.
I have found a few favourites that are easy to watch (usually the ones in parts are good cos It's finishing the threading I have problems with.)
I have discovered some great books:  Tip when finding one I like I type the name into Google and click images, as this sometimes brings up pictures of the inside pages.

After practising coptic stitch binding I discovered this isn't going to be easy to attach to my journal covers, plus I don't feel confident having my stitching on show.
BUT I have discovered long stitch....
A Close up...
I could never sell this one
A. it's my first journal stitched this way,
B. I have unpicked it and re-stitched it so many times a "few" stray holes are visible,
C. it does need perfecting first...

Front cover:
inside cover:
It took alot of time (Thank goodness for nice weather and a sandpit in the shade) but I am finally happy and learnt from a few mistakes along the way.
Found out how some things are easier done a certain way.
Finally found a use for the recycled paper that is far to thin to do anything with.
Given my children some pinpricked scrap paper to use
Learnt a new skill...
now have grand ideas of building on these skills.

PLUS found somewhere to get my paper as my usual stockist no longer sells the paper I used and prices have risen so much .

Another fantastic Folksy book shop that I love:


Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Sweet button Caterpiller (-;

Anonymous said...

Hello! I love handmade sketchbooks! Love your stiching of butterflies with the added buttons on top of the fabric!x

nimnam said...

LOVE charlies dinosaur, that is very cool, i hope he is getting some commision for all these ideas he gives you?????