12 June 2011

new skills.

I am loving my new skill...long stitch binding.
This fabric started life as a charity shop buy, childs 9-12 months dress and I got 3 notebooks (2 small, 1 large) buttons and some fabric left over!!
It's a gorgeous vintage inspired fabric with a kitchen theme.

This is a cute dog fabric. The colours and images remind me of the 1950s.
This one shows 2 new skills.
Firstly long stitch binding...
...and buttonholes...
...close up.
but I am waiting as my laptop is playing up and cant get brightness right or type for long periods I do have new laptop on order (yippee thank you Tim :o)


Sugarplum Kawaii said...

I really like the vintage inspired fabric with a kitchen theme (-:

Mrs Jones said...

I love the first one - would be great as a recipe book, and your stitching is so neat!

Househund said...

I love your long stitching too.
Esp the dog notebook.
Your work just keeps getting better and better.