27 June 2011

This one is all mine...

I decided to make a journal  just for me, one which has meaning and one which i WILL use.
Being a crafter I keep alot so called rubbish but they are items/scraps which mean something to me and get saved for a special reason.
I am very lucky to have such great friends who are kind to me and give me items which, again, i like to save for a special purpose.
This journal contains many of these special scraps and treasures.

It was a great way to practise my long stitch binding and learn from mistakes:
-if you don't have a long enough piece of hemp cord it will not stretch or become long enough so cut another length.
-check your patterned papers aren't upside down BEFORE threading.
amongst others.

A & C a piece of scrap paper.
2 boy characters have been taken from a piece of fabric given to be by a lovely Folksy seller: xBAGS OF LOVEx
There is a tiny heart brad but it isn't visible amongst the spots.

 a tester for my new skill: buttonholes.

coloured doilies involved a trip to Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/thechipchopshop 
-yellow: Felt BOT made by Charlie
-blue: label from Alfie clothing
-red: button from my brothers Pjs
"love you more" is a phrase we say alot in our house.

papers used as endpapers are all double sided and are part of a gift bundle from my good friend Ros (http://lets1eepingdogslie.blogspot.com/)
have been waiting for the perfect project to use them.

-red leather heart: Pap was shoe maker and have ALOT of love for these special people
-deckchair fabric: Back Garden memories
-happy definition: MANY MANY HAPPY memories
-photo: My NAN & PAP
Not a day goes by I don;t miss these 2 very special people.
this journal is a monster!
It has 6 signatures each with 20 plain white pages and patterned endpapers.
ALOT of work and fun.
Thank you for looking and sharing this with me :o))


Umbel Handmade Mania said...

It's absolutely beautiful!

One day I'll follow your lead and make one for myself too x

Mrs Jones said...

That is absolutely gorgeous, and very very special.It will be something you keep forever.

Househund said...

How gorgeous that!
Wow.. it's so special.
Something to be really proud of Lorna.