26 October 2011

Halloween trick or treat bags

These little Halloween trick or treat bags remind me of witches cauldrons.
I thought I would share this easy, and fun, project with you.
Obviously the colours can be changed to suit I chose purples and greens as these colours always spring to mind for Halloween.

Firstly collect what's needed:
*large tissue paper sheets
*coloured string
could use ribbon or embroidery floss
*spider punch
or any other halloween related shape
*black paper
*scary sweets/choccies
or small halloween non edible treats
*Die cut letters of people reciving the treats
*mini witches hats
(brought from:
only 50p each a total bargain)

Firstly, using the black paper, punch out the halloween shapes:

Layer the tissue paper
(each bag has 2 layers)
and cut a large circle:
*I used a tea plate as a template*

Using a bodkin or large eyed needle roughly stitch the string around the edge of the tissue paper, not too near the edge:
*you could just miss this part and then tie the bag afterwards*

CAREFULLY pull the string and it forms a bowl shape,
add a handful of sweets and halloween shapes into the middle,
pull and tie string:

After tying the string add a die cut letter and a witches hat.
Love how it looks like a cauldron when finished.

These were made as Halloween treats for Alfies playschool teachers...
hope they not scared of spiders...opps

You could make a bunch of them as party bags or for those trick or treaters....

I saw the mini witches hats on Bits am Blyth Facebook page and had to buy them. My original plan was to add them to some cakes with llittle legs sticking out the bottom and green icing BUT after forgetting to buy green food colouring (and my baking is very hit and miss) decided to go with the plan instead.
Happy accident I think.

Taking a blogging break as Half term see you all next week.


lilipopo said...

the halloween bags are a great idea, I think we might be busy with tissue on Sunday ready for monday night! LOVE the spider cutter!!

Kate x

Househund said...

wwwoooooo LOVE your spider punch.
Just what I need for my neighbours little girl.. now where did I put that felt?

Lorna May said...

The spider punch was a bargain buy in a silly sale. Although not sure it was really as went in for a butterfly and came out with that one :o/