17 December 2011

Christmas Crafts

We recently had some absent school days due to poorly children so we got cracking on some Christmas crafting to keep us busy.

We gathered our materials:

Charlie carefully created his trees...

Alfie also gathered our materials:

and carefully created his own creation...
Both were happy and spent a long time absorbed in their work.

The end result ...
My boys are proud of their work ... and so am I.

Plus we made some cards from Alfie:
"Can you tell what it is yet?"
Apologizes for the top left one looking slightly offensive, the fingers have now been curled differently!

Thank you for looking.


Polly said...

Love the hand print Christmas tree cards. I am looking after my Grandsons next week so may just steal your idea. I think they have already been told that Nanny will bake with them, so whats a bit more mess? :)

Kayla said...

That garland is adorable! Thanks for sharing!