27 January 2012

I recently read

 a very interesting article.

...A man called Richard Cope: the principal trends analyst at research organisation Mintel. He recently spoke at a "content convergence" conference. (It does get interesting,honest!)
He stunned his audience by singing the praises of slow media : books, magazine, newspapers.
There were 5% fewer magazines published in the UK in 2010 - fourth annual decline. For generation Z a magazine is "an Ipad that doesn't work".
Then there was a surprise; the principal trends analyst had found that half of women and a third of men "like reading magazines because they give me time to myself" and that 42% of people will buy books and magazines for long journeys. When asked if they prefer to read a printed copy of a magazine to reading online or electronically 71% preferred print.
Cope's analysts say that the physical properties of a book or magazine matter. We crave the satisfaction of reading to the last word or folding the paper as we complete the crossword.


Clootielugs said...

What a wonderful selection - Alix Swan's book is beautiful - but they are all outstanding and different!
Jill x

NOfkantsCurios said...

Lovely finds! I'm a bit of a book worm myself so have really enjoyed your blog today!

I have a couple of those gorgeous book covers so can vouch for their quality!

Natalie x

Ailsa said...

Fabulous idea for a FF - as an ex-librarian and English student I totally agree! Love the book cover and wooden bookmarks xx

inspiral said...

Oooh what an interesting post! Particularly loving the wooden bookmarks, and the book jacket. I love print, and love having a proper book or magazine to read. I do also have a Kindle, which was a Xmas present. Whilst it is great for travelling, work, etc....its just not the same as a proper hardback book! xx

Whimsy Woo Designs said...

Lovely items, just goes to show old fashioned reading is still up there with all the electronic media.

Many thanks for including one of my Book Cover Bags.

Shirley x

liz said...

This is interesting. I used to read so much, lately less so. But I love audio books on my ipod nano, and I have just got a kindle. I wasn't sure how I'd get on with it, but I love it.

Fiona said...

great blog - i love the sentiment :)

and i had no idea there were so many books on folksy - great finds!

Becky J said...

Great post! As a primary teacher, I try and foster a love of books and reading, so I'm really pleased to learn about this national event. Guess what I'll be teaching about next week!
Becky x