3 April 2012

Recycled packaging.

I was lucky to be treated by my hubby to some new threads. 140 of them :o))
They came in 7 packs of 20 threads.

Once they were emptied out the pile of plastic packaging looked like this...

I felt it was a waste to just dispose of it in the bin.
Out came the Big Shot and the embossing folders.

Just a few examples of the results:

As some of the folders curled the plastic.
They went into a flower press and even the paper inlay got used as a divider between each embossed sheet.

Love the result.
I think they will be used as dividers in my new/old recycled ring binder.

Before you throw those empty packets in the bin...take a fresh look at them.


evajeanie said...

Wow, these look amazing, I have no idea what a big shot is but I want one!!

Lizzie said...

Now That is Clever! Lovely results - who'd have thought you could make such fab things with packaging that you got "for free"?

helen @ forty percent fringe: sixty percent face said...

Oh my goodness, what an amazing idea! Good work :) Hx

Jumbleberries said...

Wow, what a clever idea. They will definitely make very pretty page dividers in a notebook!

Have fun.

Jumbleberries xx

April Cottage Ramblings said...

What a brilliant idea. Jayne xx

Kayla said...

That is such a wonderful idea! And they look great!