11 June 2012

Rainy Days & Mondays ...

I don't usually mind Mondays but today is an uggggggg one!
Boys are back at playschool and school which means the house is very quiet.
It's a yuck day weather wise.
I have decided to cheer myself up by sharing some of my journals.

Thanks for looking.



Love Maisy Lee said...

Today is a horrid Monday. I cheered myself up by buying some new buttons and threads. :)

I love your journals, do you buy the journals and then cover them?
Love the mermaid one it is so cute. <3

Donna x

Lorna May said...

Thank you Donna for stopping by.
Button buying is a fab rainy day activity (or any day really as you can never have enough!!)
I make the journals totally. Using fabrics, papers and binding with hemp cord. Each one is unique.
The mermaid you mention has been taken from a childs top.

{Dab and a dash.}