3 March 2013

things that make me smile on a Sunday!

I love having things around me that make me smile.
A recent sort out of my knick knacks meant some have now been packed away to swap around again at a later date.
Trouble is this has left me with alot of empty shelf space which this doesn't make me smile.
Luckily some recent purchases and gifts fill these spaces.
I am going to share them with you and bet you smile when you see them:

This cute deer christmas tree dec is from: Amour Vintage.
This cute teacup sits on my sewing machine he's from:
Quirky Boots.
He's too cute to stick pins in so is purely for decoration purposes only!!
The tiny sweet needle cases are from
Small Object
The long one is perfect size for my binding needles!
These cases were also my first overseas purchase. Exciting.
It's not secret i LOVE miffy and orange.
That's why my son brought me these.
This tiny ladybird is actually a plant pot decoration but (he) looks so cute peeping out from my Mollie Makes magazines.
He's made by Glittering Prize:
This sweet owl was made for me by my Olivia, she's 13 and just got the sewing bug!!!
This started life as a kit from Quirky Boots (link in teacup photo above)
This is how it looks sitting on my shelf at home.
The leaf is part of an autumn tree made by my 3year old at playschool.
The monster is made by Keely13 (www.facebook.com/Keeleymonster)
The ladybird pin cushion by my friend Jayne
Red pot and Sunshine picture by my son Charlie(www.facebook.com/CharlieClicksPhotographyPage)
Lastly this isn't actually in my crafty area but it's chilling in the fridge ready for when my tooth is better.
I love Ginger Beer and this limited edition can is double size of a normal can!! Only 69p - a bargain!
I remember as a youngster feeling very grown up being allowed to drink something with beer in it's name.

What makes you smile on a Sunday??


Polly said...

Cute items.
One question - I can see '123 make it for me' on the needle case, but what does it say after 'abc'?
What made me smile today (Sunday) was opening my suitcase after returning from my daughter's and finding a little white toy mouse hidden in it. I think the kitten was making sure Nanny had to come back.

Deanne said...

thank you so so much for sharing this, love the felt owl too x

Lorna May said...

Polly...that's a lovely comment.
The needle case says: abc saw see sew.
The little standing one says the abc part on the back too.
The Small Object has better photos, from all angles, on her page.

Deanne...you're very welcome.