30 May 2013

couldn't lose really ...

... i have a favourite pair of jeans.
You know the sort that you can throw on when pj bottoms aren't suitable but you need to veg out.

Problem being the bottoms have become so ripped and frayed that even stitching and patching couldn't stop me thinking they really should go in the bin!
A sad day
...until a thought hit me - why not rehem them with a funky fabric.
If it doesn't work they are headed for the rag bin anyway:
It did work ..... so i took it a step further and decorated the pockets to match:
.....Ta Daaahhh.
Whilst trying to photograph my feet a cute, cheeky, giggling, child joined me ... he even said "Cheese!"
Go on give it a go yourself.
If i can do you can!


Deanne said...

as you know i love it :) i'll certainly be trying to upcycle some clothing soon :)
love alfies matching socks - just like riley lol x

Househund said...

I'll be recommending this to my daughter, I think all her jeans are frayed on the ends lol