19 May 2013

This goes out to my friend Jayne ...

It's no secret i LOVE charity shopping and Jumble sales...anywhere i can grab a bargain.
Jayne also enjoys these activities.
She messaged me about an out of town jumble sale.
We got there to be greeted with a long queue!! The doors opened and we were greeted with a hall FULL of tables, all FULL of stuff.

It would be rude not to share some of the treasures that came home with me ...
i usually steer away from satin but look at the design!!!
It is a very random piece of scrap fabric but i have plans for it.

This gorgeous tin...
Look inside...
...thinking a great photo prop.
 the next little lot will suprise you all
- spoken in a VERY sarcastic tone!!
i did something amazing to obtain this box.
Plucking up the courage to apporach the stall holder and asking what happened to the books at the end.
After discovering a man brought them i asked the price.
Get me!!!
And i grabbed a bargain!!
(I then had to ask Jayne if she had any money she could lend me! Bet she glad she asked me to go with her!)
Look at some of the gems hidden in there...
There were a few covered in brown paper and the books underneath were in an amazingly, fantastic, condition.
One had an inscription dated 1924 but looked like it been taken straight from shelves in Waterstones!!
The box even gave me a peek into an older time.
One had white cover but it turned out to be the dust jacket turned inside out!
The "risque" book was...
-the fifty shades of the 1920s-
Thank you Jayne, same time, same place next year!!
I will take more money i promise!!


liniecat said...

LOL 50 Shades of 1920s........love the books for the covers alone! You cant beat a good jumble salev.....vits so often a peek at social history, as your book haul proves only too well!

georgiapdesigns said...

So what are you going to do with all them books? Linda (The Crafty Network)