22 July 2013


...bits and bobs.
My baby is a boy!
Time has gone too quickly, he will be starting school in September.
So far i am handling it well.
This week playschool held a graduation party for those leaving to start big school.
How adorable does my boy look???
Due to end of term activities and spending precious time with the boy journal making has taken a back seat.
BUT not all craftiness.
A conversation with someone lead to making a rosette.
This expanded and became rosettes!!
i love making them.
Something new and different for me.
Whilst we outside, enjoying summer, Charlie spotted this in the sky:
It doesn't look very clear but this rainbow appeared while the sun was blazing.
Turns out to be a RAINBOW cloud and even though common in America, very rare in this country.
Science will tell you it's something to do with humidity, clouds, height of sun etc
i will tell you it's because we're lucky!
It not often you see Reese's on offer so i stocked up!!
Finding this picture in an old Ladybird book.
It makes me laugh every time i look at it.
Mum starts the day with a bottle of wine.

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Deanne said...

oh i do love that photo of alfie, makes me really smile and fill up lol x