19 July 2011

A great Day

Saturday was another great fair at Warkton.
This time I had a BIG table and met lots of new stall holders.
The weather was poor in the morning but it still brought smiling faces. It picked up in the afternoon and got very busy.
When arriving did panic slightly at seeing my table...it was large...VERY large for me!! My first thought was my cloth isn't large enough...it's ok I have 2 (you never know if need a spare) the second one had a large stain on it...conclusion: layer them. Panic averted.
Next panic...what if I don't have enough journals to fill the table...actually liked the space between them and there was enough room for my baskets either side.

One complaint I did have was being next to the most delicious cake stall. Not only did they look the height or scrumminess but the smell was mouthwatering.
Here is the aforementioned table:

The other side of me sat 2 ladies who had the loveiest knitted items including calorie free felted choccies and knitted cupcakes. The baby blankets were lovely, I don't think you can beat handmade baby blanket. While the fair was on they sat knitting continuously, it was amazing to watch them, the speed their needles moved and the small square turning into a blanket by the end of the fair:

This stall had fantastic artwork. The butterfly cards are lovely and not being a fan of sparkles I was amazed how stunning the sequin cards are.
Check them out for yourself here - http://www.beedesigns.co.uk/

Next stall was a lovely friendly lady who had a fantastic stall who great props to display her gorgeous items.

Next came the stall which I could stand and gaze at forever.
Soooo pretty.

The next stall had lovely bags and proved handmade means better quality than those on the high street.
The photos really do not show the amazing quality of them.

The next stall was so colourful. Love the red pieces. Great work and friendly people.

Lastly a stall made up of 2 ladies brilliant work. Met these ladies at a crop and their colourful stall matches their colourful fun characters.
Had to add an extra piccie of their great hanging display.

...the fair wouldn't happen without 2 great ladies:
These multitalented ladies always have their crafty work for sale too (but forgot to take a photo :o(
and a special thank you to Libby for all the great tea making :o)))

Not only do stall holders get all you can drink free tea and coffee but even a little Thank you treat at the end.
After a shaky start weather wise it was a good day and was pleased to sell my (favourite) MADE IN ENGLAND journal to a young lad who really wanted it.

So when the August one is here you will all be visiting.....and while there make sure you have a cream tea.


Sugarplum Kawaii said...

What a splendid collection of stalls!

Trudi said...

Wow, what a wonderful blog, thank you for taking the time to write it up and so beautifully!! The day flew by for me and I wish we'd had more time to chat!!

Your stall looked great by the way, you didn't show any nerves!

Trudi x (Glitteringprize & The Glass Jewellery Box)

Thecraftytrundler said...

What a lovely blog!!! It will be great to meet again, your stall looked great too : )

When are you next at Warkton ?

Sharon xx