11 July 2011


This week rather than just show you a sneaky peek I thought I would share with you where my inspiration comes from.

I was very lucky to recieve this felt flower from another Folksy seller and whilst rummaging through my fabric box found an old pink patterned sheet. These 2 are made to go together.

Whilst walking to meet my son to school recently we saw a girl wearing a Spongebob top (of all things!) and Spongebob was wearing extra large glasses with the logo I LOVE NERDS add to this a charity shop find of some pinstriped navy fabric and a notebook idea has formed.

This fabric is of London streets, a had to buy fabric but not really sure what to do with it once I had.
Lots of ideas formed...letterboxes...Queens Guards...telephone boxes...but they are all red and the pattern has ALOT of red.
Then while thinking of something else randomly thought BLACK CABs...London is full of them.
...have yet to put the taxi into fabric form, so here my sketch.

I do get ideas and sketch them down but alot of the time I find inspiration comes from the fabric I am using.
Before I go and start the sewing machine up I have to show you something.

Gail Griggs has started a great fun project using a (not real) goldfish.
She photographs him in a different scenario each day.
I warn you once you look you will be checking regular to see where is he next.
Me and my son love looking to find where he appears next.
(We have even spotted him in Paperchase whilst shopping one day)
Imagine my surprise one day when I saw this:  
Fish gazing at a fishy notebook...
Thank you Gail and Fish :o))

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Ello Design said...

Its interesting to see how something so simple can spark so much inspiration :) I'm glad i'm not the only one who finds spongebob inspiring!

Leanne x x