6 August 2011


sorry for the absence recently.
the reason...
He is covered bless him in his hair and soles of his feet.
He has been very poorly and the heat hasn't helped at night.
Thankfully he is on the mend now and back to his cheeky self just very spotty and itchy.


Baban Cat said...

Oh! Itch! You have all my sympathies. My two had it through the summer holidays, one after the other. Both were really ill. As soon as the oldest was well it was time to go back to school.

lilipopo said...

Aww bless him! I remember chickenpox three times over! It's really not nice, glad he's getting better

Kate x

Quirky Boots said...

aw bless him x

Jumbleberries said...

Hope your cute little man is feeling better? xx

Househund said...

Oh Poor Poor Alfie.
How can you not feel sorry for such a cutie.

I hope it stays cool just a little while longer, at least until he's well agian.