1 August 2011

Crafty daze!!

To start with I have found 2 more books to add to my want list:

Firstly - DESIGN SPONGE AT HOME - they are a site that I browse regular. For those of you who have yet to find it, look here: http://www.designsponge.com/ you will be hooked and lose a few hours browsing its gorgeousness and totally understand why I want the book when it comes out. I have to admit I did prefer the old look of the site but I am one of those people who struggle with change and take a while to catch on.

Secondly - Meet me at Mike's - I have seen this reviewed on someones blog (forgot whose) and liked it but then I saw it in real life and love it.

Now to the crafty daze ...
I have some plain boring lined notebooks which I decided to add covers to. They are a strange size so made some larger covers all ready for the binding.
Trouble is in between the cover making stage and binding stage I forgot my plan!!!!!!
Soooooo, when it came to cutting the papers I looked at these strange size covers grumbled to myself for my madness at getting the sizing so wrong and using an A3 pad cut pages to fit the covers.
THEN after cutting the pages and putting to one side caught sight of the lined pads and remember why the covers were a strange size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR that's why I write lists.
Make me feel better and admit your crafting errors...


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Jumbleberries said...

I would love to take a sneaky peek inside Meet Me at Mikes. I've just started following Pip's blog, what a crafty lady she is. xx