24 August 2011

Look what came today...

In June I came across a shop on Facebook called:
She is one talented lady and and I love browsing her work, in fact she created a wonderful cross stitch of my childrens artwork and it sits pride of place in my sewing area.
Whilst browsing her work I saw these:
Flower brooches made using ties.
On our wedding day my husband wore a yellow tie AND I have a lovely grey jacket that needs "something" to brighten it up ... saw this and put the two together!!!
I contacted Redhead Thread and asked if she could make me one that tie.
This is what came today:
Not one but 2!! A small and a large flower.
I also love that they can be worn together as a set or seperate.

Find out more about the talent behind the name here:

Thank you so much :oDD


The Dotty One said...

That's such a brilliant idea! You must be thrilled. I've just checked out the facebook page too - lovely cross stitches as well. Thanks for bringing to my attention :o)

UniquelyYours said...

How very clever. It`s amazing what someone can do with a tie. They look really pretty.