8 October 2011

safety online

I like to think I am safe online user, okay suspicious is more the word, I am mainly talking about Facebook, which I use to promote my business.
I find more negatives for FB than positives BUT one big plus point is I have made many new friends and found many new handmade/crafty businesses.

My son has a FB account and we are strict with him.
He has to tell us if he is chatting and we log in randomly to check his page.
If he joins a new friend he has to answer some questions:
Do you know them?
Do you talk to them regular?
How do you know them?
He knows the rules you don't give out personal details, photos must be approved by us before posting and the people in them have to have FB accounts.
We may sound over the top but even so my son has still managed to befriend someone who pretended to be a school child and is currently in police custody. 

My son befriended them as he was told by a friend they knew them and it was their girlfriend.
The other child had exaggarated the truth slightly (as children do) and was actually in no way connected to the person who pretended to be a young girl and is in fact an adult male.
The page this "male" set up looked just like any other childs page nothing to alarm or make you suspicious. They were using the childrens activities (shown on their pages) to involve them in chat.
Thankfully my son had no contact other than adding them when they sent a friend request.
Even with these rules in place something like this has happened and it has shown me how easily children can become targets.

As parents we want to protect our children and try our best but, worryingly, there are times when they will slip through the net.


Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

That's awful!thank god you do keep an eye on your son's facebook activity.I have to say I'm not that keen on facebook myself and stopped using it for around six months but like yourself use it as a promotional tool and have met lots of lovely like minded souls so it does have it's benefits.Thanks for posting about this important issue,xx

Quirky Boots said...

bless you honey you must be so upset, i ended up cancelling jacks facebook, cause he just didnt use it and he kept getting requests from people he didnt know x