3 October 2011

Stickers = Happy

I recently entered a giveaway over at http://ello-design.blogspot.com/
Have brought from her Folksy shop before and love the goodies sold there.
Couldn't believe it when heard had won a runners prize: a card and sticker set of my choice:

Was planning on keeping the sticker set for a scrapbook page but Alfie found them and presumed they belonged to him!
As there are 2 sheets of stickers in the pack we decided to share them.
I cut round the stickers (roughly as an impatient toddler was voicing his disappointment at waiting) peeled the backings off and the rest was upto him:

A very happy boy.
He usually takes the stickers out again once placed in his notebook but not these he keeps looking at them and the train is his favourite.
Thank you Ello design :oDD


Ello Design said...

Hehe i'm glad he likes them! Never had my items featured like this so i'm very happy, thank you! :D

Leanne x x

Jumbleberries said...

How cute is Alfie in those pictures? Glad he let you share the stickers with him, tee hee.

Jumbleberries xx