28 November 2011

A jam jar...

Firstly, again, I apologize for lack of posts and comments on other blogs at the moment, illness seems to be taking over at the moment :o(

I was recently out enjoying a meal with some friends and we got to talking about sauces and how we make our own - from jars of course!
This started talk of recycling the said jars.
I love jars especially if they are a different shape or size to your average jam jar. I find it hard to throw them away so I replied: "I keep them"
My friend looked at me and asked "What do you do with them??"

(image found on google)

So here goes ...
* for painting (and the water for brush cleaning)
* one sits on my craft desk with my glue in (I once attended a workshop and was told to keep a mixture of pva & water best advice EVER)
* fill them with mini knick knacks, stocking filler toys or sweets...decorate and give as gifts
* a penny pot
* when first started scrapbooking I gave my younger brother a jar and asked him to find bits and pieces. It was amazing what he collected: buckles, washers, buttons, string etc all found around his house.
* filling them with pretty things on my craft shelves
* put flowers in that children have picked
* a crafty project with Charlie...

...oh, and when I have cooked sauces and served to family the leftovers go back in the (clean) jar and stored in fridge.

Here are some great Jam jar links...

So what do you do with your Jam Jars? or seen any great uses for Jam Jars lately?


Made to Make said...

All my buttons live in jam jars (colour co-ordinated - how sad!) But my kids like to help sort them out.

FordieZo said...

I also keep my button stash in jam jars :)
But lately I've been saving them for some projects I've been inspired to try out, via Pinterest. I'm hoping they'll be pretty enough to give as christmas presents x

DeesDesigns said...

I have quite a few small jars (the kind you get sandwich spread or paste in)and I use them for glitter, much easier to tip the excess back into, also use them as pen pots, candle holders & general storage. Cheap and enviroment friendly :-)

Househund said...

I fill mine with sweets and decorate them for xmas gifts