14 November 2011

mammouth task ...tick: completed.

I was recently lucky enough to be given ALOT (understatement) of fabric.
Trouble is there was so much of it I didn't know where to start at tidying it away.
I am embarrassed to share this photo but wanted you to know how much hard work it took to achieve the end result:

...just peeping behind the chair is an unseen huge basket of fabric and when a project has been completed the left overs get added to the ever growing pile.
This basket is large and i love it but it's totally impractical, being full of larger pieces it's a struggle to keep sorting through:

... well, this week it could be put off no more. Time to start the mammouth task.
Turned out my voluntary toddler helper wasn't the best aide to this task and it wasn't completed in a day, not even 2.
Whilst sitting amongst the mess and grumbling to myself about how to get out of it I spotted a postcard for Cally & Co fabric shop, Stamford...Bam...inspiration struck!
They have baskets full of bundles of remnant fabrics wrapped with string...
...definately worth the time spent:

...grey box is full of larger bundles:

...vegetable rack holds the smaller pieces:

...canvas storage box holds the tiny pieces that are too small to roll but they may come in handy so can't bear to part with them:

...can now reach the plug which has been hidden behind a cupboard for many years.
Now it has to stay this tidy... can hear chuckling in my head as I type.


tamarajayne said...

Well done! I'd love to have a dabble in your fabrics (although I think a few might jump into my pockets and come live with me) they look lovely and it's always great to be able to see what you have :)

Gail Griggs said...

Well done you - looks super organised! Am coming near to the end of a clear out myself so know how much work it is ...

Polly said...

Wow, good job. I really must get into tidying up my materials and stock so that I can get into the spare room without fighting through mohair and bears.


Tiggi said...

Wow, great work! Feels great after a good tidy up doesn't it.

Househund said...

Oh Wow I don't envy you that tidy up task.
It looks so much better now
LOVE the veg rack what a good idea.

WEll Done Lorna

Mrs A. said...

Wow. What a transformation and now you can see everything at a glance.
I'm slowly getting around to putting mine in plastic storage boxes by colour. I will get there in the end. Hugs Mrs A.

LeeAnn said...

wow! well done, that is some seriously good organising!! x