29 December 2011

Handmade Christmas Gifts.

I love the new revival of crafting and handmade gifts.
Whilst growing up money was tight and we were encouraged to make gifts and cards for family members. It's something that has stuck with me and I love to do but feel these gifts sometimes get looked on as "the cheaper alternative" to the high street.
Not any more, they are now seen as unique, people like to buy handmade gifts knowing the time, effort, and care put into them, plus they can also be made to suit the person they are intended for.

I tried to buy as few gifts as possible from High Street. Some just weren't possible (like a work bench, bingo game and various dvds) but I managed it for most of my others gifts. Couple which weren't made but were craft related: books and materials so that counts.

Right, that's enough of the waffle, it's time to show you what I brought:


What do you get a tiny new baby for christmas ... elf shoes of course!
These were custom made just for me.

Right that's the brought ones, now for the gifts I made.
Ekkk...these I am nervous about how they were received.

Alfie attends a playschool called Little Bears,
a teddy bear notebook for each teacher:
..the inside of one..
..sneak peek: new style of binding..

For a friend, made from an old skirt...
...another view..

Made for a friends daughter.
A girly girl who loves to play teacher...

A baby book...
... new baby stitch, a gift from:

.Do you have any links to your handmade gifts?


Creating Trouble said...

Wow - you found some lovely gifts (Love the elf shoes!) and you made some GORGEOUS books - I don't use Folksy very often but will be looking at your store!

I made salt dough decorations to put on my gifts this year, but, bar a baby quilt for my sister, I didn't actually make any of them. I had good intentions but just didn't get around to it!

Becky J said...

I agree, it is lovely that homemade gifts are now regarded as personal and special.
You have chosen some lovely fabrics for your journals. I'm sure the recipients were delighted with their gifts. Keep up the good work!
Becky x

Househund said...

Me Too... I can tell that the penguin and Basset keyring are both Fab.
Hand Made is BEST!
Thanks Lorna