9 January 2012

Fresh new year...

Whilst sorting a friends recycling I stumbled across a newspaper supplement (don't knock it I found Not on the High Street catalogue this way).
The Times: Mapping British Businesses...Big brands
It is mainly about larger companies but one particular article makes interesting reading whilst giving some good advice and tips:
You can't beat the market.
"Mary Portas believes market stalls are the way to save the ailing high street"
I sat down to read more.... pieces of text started to leap out at me, especially this regarding branding:
Jori White, PR company, preaches a "three times" mantra: if your logo does not make it into people's homes or minds in at least three ways, you will be a fleeting memory, particluarly when renting a market space on a casual basis, as you will not reap the benefits of a regular pitch.
A regular of Camden Market offered some tips:
*Keep your prices sensible. If you make your own stuff, work out your base costs and labour involved, and multiply it by one and a half or two.
*Make sure your stall is eye-catching, bold and colourful.
*Engage with customers, build up rapport and get feedback. the most important advertising tool, even in this digital age, is word of mouth.
*The first six months will be a write-off. You will need time to get your product and target-audience right.
Lastly * Most important things are hot flask, warm clothing and good manners.


Quirky Boots said...

a really good and interesting read lorna, thanks for sharing x

BeckyDe said...

I will keep looking. Good luck with your new way forward for 2012. hope both your shops do well.

Anonymous said...

Fab article, what a excellent find! It speaks so much truth, I loved doing the market stall over Christmas so much that we are setting up a regular stall (dates tbc this week...eek!)
Can't wait to see your new creations so will keep my eyes peeled :) regards Lyndsey (LTs) xxx

Mantha said...

This makes for really good reading, very informative, i think i will be following some of the suggestions.
Have a great day :)
Mantha xx

evajeanie said...

Thanks for sharing and am very much looking forward to your new products :) x

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Thanks for sharing the info - very interesting. & good luck with both your shops for 2012. Shaz x

Becky J said...

Goodness, that was an interesting find (I normally find gadget supplements - you know the kind - strange time saving gismos you know you will never need but sound so good you wonder if you can live without them!). I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never be able to give up the day job as I really don't make much of a profit on what I make and sell. There is some great advice here. I can see what they mean about the '3 way to make it into someone's home' - I have started loading photos of all my felted items onto flickr and the traffic to my blog and folksy has increased a lot.
Best of luck with both your businesses this year.
Becky x

Dotty said...

thanks for sharing, your journals and books are lovely. x