10 January 2012

New style of journal...

Many moons ago my main hobby was scrapbooking.
I am a big fan of Ali Edwards and Shimelle Laine.
Particulary their annual projects :
The books they prepared before putting anything on them was a new concept to me and something always wanted to try but daren't.
Being a very scatty, unorganized, person it's a shock for people to learn my craft is one of few areas that i am VERY organized.
I was brought a bind it all tool and decided to go for it, so started a book for each of my boys. Inside pages were offcuts of papers from older projects, had also started to use those collected odds & sods from my craft stash to decorate the pages. The result was amazing...my son loved looking at the empty pages...and such a fun project to make:

This was a style of journals i intended to make more of but didn't have enough confidence to do so. Would people want to a journal full of odd pages? would they want the pages different sizes? different colours?

THEN came SMASH books and I realised people do want to use these style journals. I need to have more confidence in my ideas.

So today I created my first journal in this style...and have 3 more lined up waiting for their covers:

Thanks for looking and hope you like it.


inspiral said...

Ooooh what a fab idea! I had never heard of this style of journal, but think it sounds like something I'd love. Thank you for sharing, and good luck with your new journals. They are gorgeous, so if ppl don't buy they're mad :-) xx

Quirky Boots said...

love the new style journal lorna, im quite certain they will sell super well.
ps your folksy banner only links to folksy not your shop x

Househund said...

I like it very much....
As my daughter is going through a stage of not having pic taken.. I may do one for my dogs.. they don't have a choice lol

Becky J said...

Had to do a google search to find out what 'SMASH' books are! Brilliant idea and you should go for it, I'm sure something do personal and unique would sell.
Becky x