31 January 2012

New storage!!! (part 1)

I love (well more addicted to) storage.
I love finding new boxes, baskets...anything that holds an item.

My craft area is the dining room (WAS the dining room). Over the years I have been lucky enough to be given various pieces of furniture and have always made my craft items fit into them.
Trouble is I have a toddler who loves my craft area. Alot of the items cannot be tucked away from little hands. Tim recently offered to buy me a piece of furniture that would be practical and fit all my items in.

STORNAS buffet from IKEA.

Had intended to buy the smaller one but Ikea must have known I was being treated as the larger size was on offer for same price as smaller one!!! Perfect!!!!

Behind door 1:

Middle shelves:

Behind door 2:
2 cupboards and 2 shelves worth of items all tucked away into one unit. BUT there was a problem.
Because it involved a major sort out everything was now in a new box and I could not find anything!
Ask Charlie...he wanted a pen and it took a stupid amount of time to find one and that was after trying to remember what the new storage box for them looked like!!
This called for some labelling...not only for the boxes but the cupboard doors as well. Something that didn't require glue or tape:

Die cut shape, die cut a circle, stamped label and add decoration.
Hang over the door handle.
If change the contents around, just switch the tag.

A little close up of the actual contents:

The next storage blog post I will share some of my wackier (I mean creative) storage ideas...


Quirky Boots said...

fabtastic lorna i love your new storage space :) i must remember to do a detailed post like this :) x

Made to Make said...

It's looking too tidy at the moment, I must be more tidy!! x

Lorna May said...

Thanks Deanne, can't wait to see your blog post :o)
Made to Make it's only tidy because trying to lead by example and teach my son to stay tidy...boy it's hard work though !

Jumbleberries said...

Oh my, how jealous am I! I too am a little nuts about storage (my particular fav is anything with little drawers) and this cupboard stuffed with craft stash, perfect! You must have had such fun filling it up and sorting it all out. Have fun using it. x

Jumbleberries xx