2 February 2012

Storage post part 2.

I was a VERY lucky person at Christmas and was brought alot of great presents. One of them was a gorgeous sewing box which looks like a house.
It is too nice to be kept hidden away...
...so it now holds my patterned paper collections.

A few years ago a friend gave me a metal bread bin. It used to house my magazines but the collection became too big...
...it now holds my A4 coloured paper collection.

The next storage tin is my favourite.
Given to me by the same friend it matches the bread bin
One of them says TEA...
...this holds my button collection.
Did have to weed a few out first, I had a suprisingly large number of brown and black buttons?!?
To me this tin reminds me of childhood memories and is one of my most favourite piece of storage.

This metal lunch tin holds my pens..

This old cigar box is just as it was given to me.
It belonged to husbands grandfather, he was a fly fisher and the box is full of bright coloured chenille threads.
Have yet to find a use for them but they are far too nice, and full of meaning, to discard:

Don't tell Lola but this gorgeously cute box actually holds wool:

Charlie was given this tub from a relative and it held pieces for a game (long since gone) but could not bring myself to get rid of the pot. It holds more of Tims grandfathers threads.

Brought this tin full of buttons, now holds embroidery thread.

An old magazine holder stores the larger rolls of paper.

This originally started life as a cutlery holder but is perfect for sitting on me desk and holding my most used tools...
Feel free to share and show off your storage tins etc...


Lyndsey said...

What fab storage ideas! you have given me inspiration :) - Lyndsey (LTs) xxx

Emma Rogerson said...

I love the idea for the rolls of wrapping paper. Mine are always falling out of the wardrobe whenever I open the door !
Emma (Clarkie Designs)

LeeAnn said...

Oooh some great ideas! I love seeing storage ideas. You have inspired me to share my own storage issues and solutions! I will of course have to dig through all of the mess, I mean materials ;-), before taking any pics!

I have very fond memories of playing with tins of buttons at my Granny's when I was little. It is my biggest regret that I did not look for that tin when we were clearing her house.

Where did you buy your large tin of buttons? I scour charity shops all the time but never find anything like that!

I love using jars for storage in my craft area, I can see all of the pretty colours and also see where things are at a glance. x

Vic at Careford Creations said...

Oh, I love all your storage! Sorting out my bits and pieces is very high on my list, so hopefully I'll be posting pics soon(ish). I'm really not sure which of yours I like best:) Vic x

liz said...

Gosh you are organised. My storage goes something like table holds jumble of threads, floor holds fabrics that I got out of the drawer and haven't put away yet!

Quirky Boots said...

giggles at the photo props soooo pleased you have fun with them

i love all your tins storage especially the sewing box - totally gorgeous xxxx

nimnam said...

omg!!!!! i cant believe how organised ur craft area is!!!!!! wow, the idea of using a magazine rack to hold rolled up paper is fab (will pinch that one)

Max Champion said...

You’re a very organized woman. Every storage box is neatly arranged. Each angle is perfectly sorted. You even made a stunning storage box out of an old cigar box. My favorite among them is your metal lunch box. You gave me an idea that it can also be a good storage for holding pens.