4 February 2012

Saturday Shopping

Today a rare event happened ... I went shopping alone .
No children meaning no pushchair.
This is a big thing.
I ran up the escalator instead of struggling into TKMaxx lift!
I actually browsed.

Of course the downside to this is ... I spent!
The result was finding some great childrens tops which can be changed into journals:
This great selection includes...
...space invaders,
...ballet dancer,
...mermaid and more!

I have definately missed my sewing machine and found my mojo...

How's your weekend been?



Lyndsey Little Treasures said...

Congratulations on your shopping alone experience :) what a cute selection! My day was spent tidy my craft area, which you have inspired me to do after seeing your fabulous storage solution! and I also made a little shopping trip and brought 600 Nappies...should keep me busy for a day or two hehe - enjoy the rest of your weekend my lovely xx

Mrs Jones said...

I can imagine those tops making great journals. I tidied my whole downstairs because I had my parents in law coming over. Then I made some biscuits which they didn't eat!!

lilipopo said...

Loopy la la is a LOVELY shop, all that glitter and cuteness. And I love the spaghetti/marshmallow structures. Thank you for sharing

Kate x