25 March 2012

New love: old biscuit tins...

For a while now I have wanted to store my buttons in a tin.
This links to my Nan. As a child i loved playing with her button tin.
One childhood memory is of finding in the garden a very small red button with an embossed ladybird on it. I could take you to the exact spot i found it!
I excitedly took it into show my Nan and it was put into the button tin.
The button tin was an old Quality Street Tin. Not the modern day purple kind but the old white background with an old fashioned man and lady, the lady was wearing pink.
Each visit the tin was searched for that one particular ladybird button.

Back to modern day...
The tin i was using was perfect but each time a button was needed it meant having to tip them all out.
I recently came across a fantastic FB page which sells lots of lovely vintage items.
Amour Vintage Affair
In my news feed appeared the tin. I knew i had to have it.
The seller warned me that it wasn't in the best condition.

It arrived and i loved it.
The condition was definately used. 
It was given a wire brush treatment, even used WD40, but it stayed in the same "used" condition.
Oppps forgot to take a before photo.
After tearing a few pages from an old dictionary it was suitable for use.
I also added a picture taken from the ladybird birthday book. My Nans birthday was March so i felt this picture fitted perfectly.

To the lid I added a card taken from an old matching game.

Ta dahhhhh my new/old button tin.

The only problem is that i thought it would be big enough to have room for new button purchases BUT no it's fill to the brim. Ekkk.

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Quirky Boots said...

thats fab honey love what you've done with the inside x