21 March 2012

The glass is half ...

This weekend was Craft Fair day at Warkton.
Friday night went through the check list: Bags all packed (remembering it was Mothers Day on Sunday took stock aimed for that).
Went through check list again!
Repacked bag.
My helper was as eager as i was.
Instead of feeling Craft fair nerves i felt ready to go and happy as know will be seeing friends and meeting other crafters.
A fun day ahead.

Saturday morning ... Oh NO! ...
Toddler wakes up with an eye that looks like he annoyed Frank Bruno.
My helper wakes up feeling poorly.
(It's okay husband can cope and he has a day planned.)
It's raining.
Head off to craft fair and the road is closed! Follow diversion and that end is closed with a huge lorry resurfacing the road. If we can't get there how will the other people??
I tried to keep in my mind that the last fair was coldest weather EVER and busiest one ever also that people would still be looking for Mothers day gifts.
Managed to get there and set up before opening time.
Time for positive thinking ... the fair had begun.

At this fair i decided to do things slightly differently to usual.
No "stall fillers" as lack of time meant hadn't got enough made.
I decided to take journals with a theme in mind.
At previous fairs my tags have fallen off when people open the journals. This time i cut a tag shape (thanks to buying a tag die via friends Fb page where people sell off unwanted/unused craft supplies) and tacked it to the journal.

At the front of my stall I placed a fun journal which was a great ice breaker. It has a happy face on front but when you turn it over it has a sad face. Children and adults loved it.

It was lovely seeing children pick a special journal for their mum and take it away with a smile on their face. They all wanted to carry their own bags and held onto them tightly.

Pricing my journals is something i find hard, you hear people grumbling under their breaths, or turning their backs to say it, that my journals are expensive or overpriced. 
It was a lovely suprise when someone told me they were great quality and underpriced. And yes they did buy one and spent a long time admiring them.

I love it when people ask, in a suprised voice, "did you make these!" it gives me a chance to talk about my journals, the fact that each one is unique and where the fabrics come from.

When a journal is purchased it is placed in a paper bag. A mini thank you card and a business card are tied around the handles with natural string. 
When attending a fair I always prepare the tags and string so they can be added quickly.
First time ever i ran out of prepared tags and i ran out of change in my float!

It was lovely to see lots of new faces and familiar faces.
Lots of lovely comments and feedback, not just about my stall but the fair in general.
It is great to visit. Deanne & Michelle think of everything.

A VERY busy, happy day that again started out with the glass half empty but definately ended up full!!


Quirky Boots said...

you had a super day didnt you, it was great to see the journals disappearing from your table :) xx

inspiral said...

Congrats on such a successful fair, you certainly deserve it your journals are gorgeous! Love reading success stories when it comes to handmade, very inspiring :-) xx

Bettys Delights said...

Told you you they are fab and under priced hehe.Glad it went well considering hunny TX

Gemma Cleaver said...

You're stall looks lovely! glad you managed to get there ok despite the set backs! A sign of true dedication.

BeckyDe said...

Glad it all went well in the end.and you had a good day. I have't done any fairs this year will have to get some booked for the summer.

Mrs Jones said...

Well done on your craft fair success. Your stall looks great.

Tanya from Cards with a Difference said...

Well done on the fair. Here's to plenty more profitable ones during the year, preferably with no illnesses or diversions or bad weather to contend with!!!

Katiejane said...

There's nothing more satisfying than being complemented on your work and then even getting the chance to talk about it. Your journals look fantastic, I can just imagine how proud the children were to carry their own special gift off in their little bag. Your packaging sounds lovely, well done on such a successful event. How I wish I lived closer and could join in all the fun! You and Deanne have me so jealous!
Have a great day.
Katie x

Househund said...

Your display looks great! Well done you.
So glad you had a great day.

Gracie's Garden Bazaar said...

I'm so pleased your day was successful and enjoyable in the end.I keep meaning to visit the fair at Warkton but never seem to get around to it.I'm sure lots of mummy's were delighted with your beautiful journals as their gifts,Cassandra xx