14 April 2012

crafty space

i am always getting given, made or sent little items which make me smile and i want to look at.
I am going to share them with you ... now be warned some are cute and some will make you think "ummm why???" haha but they are there for a reason.
They appeal to me.

First up: Mother Day cards are staying on display because Charlie made them.
How cool are my flask (it is not only looks great but gets used alot too) and the ladybird press (brought this cos it's cute.)

My amazing Mothers Day pressie.
It will hang in my craft area while i admire it and pluck up courage to take it out of the house.

These were a present and are still waiting to be altered.
Found the bunting lego brick in toy box.

This is my magnetic notice board.
The fun scarf hanging round it was chosen by my brother and i want to see it all year round.

The beautiful buttefly frame was made for me and the photo really doesn't do it justice.
The owl is a candle holder it reminded me of one my Nan used to have that changed colour when the weather changed.
The red bowl was made by Charlie at school.
The postcards you can see are flyers from craft fairs i have done.

This bowl has a great story to it:
Milky sweets were brought back from Japan by my brother,
Crayons sweets are just too fab to even break the packaging open.
The ambulance was one from my childhood, well my brothers really.

 The candles were part of Christmas gift,
"notes" book holds post it notes and was made by the same friend as the butterfly.
Cupcake is a pin cushion but i cannot bring myself to fill it with pins.
You can just see part of another Charlie bowl...this time it's papier mache.

The Miffy bookends were a car boot find by my brother.
The table mat was used daily when i was child.
The ladybird magnets hold lots of drawings by Charlie and Alfie.

The glass jars are spice jars. One Christmas a friend filled lots of them up with different embellishments. The glass beads one is like a rainbow in a jar and too pretty to be hidden away.
The glass bowl was brought from our honeymoon and holds all my pretty tapes.

This is my too high to reach shelf and has my special little collection of Queens Guards.
Even has a special Britains model of the Queen when she was younger.
The metal nutcracker like soldiers in the background are actually a card holder.

These 2 cute deers were my bargain buy at 50p each.
Out of all my "items" it's these that get the Oh comment.

This little display is a favourite of mine.
the love bird picture was given to me by Picturestitch
and i won the i heart rainbows picture from Redhead thread
The deers are from Fat Free Felt.
The rest are a collection of childhood bits, gifts, car boot and charity shop finds. They each spark a different memory.
Thanks for looking and learning about my quirky side.
Do you have any special objects in your craft area??

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Quirky Boots said...

awww i'm loving the deers and i love the look around your little quirky side x