21 April 2012

essential tools

We all have them in our craft room, those tools we use more than any other.
This little lot are my crafting friends.
The reason these 4 get shown off is because they are all quite hard to find so would be lost if anything happened to them.
*Tesco mini scissors
 they have the best point on them BUT they have since changed the design.
*Swann Morton knife
 found after alot of searching.
I wanted an easy to hold, retractable one, with blades that could be brought easily. This wasn't as easy as it sounds.
(plus a local craft shop has a modelling section and they sell the blades i just add them to husbands purchases and he doesn't notice, so free blades for me hehe)
*squirty bottle (offical name)
started life as a free sample of bathroom cleaner and have yet to see another this size.
I use it when ironing my fabrics.

*TOMBOW multi talent glue
best glue in the world (only my opinion).
The little green and white tube is the one i talking about.
I came across it when a fellow scrapbooker recommended it on her blog.
Once the item has been glued on with this stuff it ain't coming off!
Unfortunately that does mean even if it goes where you don't want it to.

So what are your favourite tools??


Louise B said...

Those tesco scissors are great. I have a couple of pairs of them and use them for intricate work. My other favourite tools are the We r memory keepers corner chomper and Cropadile and the Zig 2 way glue pen.

Lorna May said...

Thanks for commenting Louise :oD

I was brought a corner chomper by a very kind friend and have to say it gets ALOT.