9 April 2012

i need to tell the truth...

Whenever i take photos of my craft area i have a good tidy up first.
Well the time has come to reveal the truth!
I have been good at tidying up after each project but this weekend things have slipped a little bit!
So deep breath....
...here goes...
...the result:

You can see craft shopping yet unpacked.
Completed projects waiting to be photographed.
Iron waiting to be packed away.
Now i part blame hubby for mess occuring in photo 1 because he suggested i set the ironing board in craft area but it so big cant get round room properly so it is becoming another surface!
I am NOT making excuses. I'm not!
Now this photo shows projects i am working on at the moment.
The books on the chair were given to me for an altered book project but they are so old and lovely i can't bring myself to do it. They are suppose to be moving to my bookcase, but as the said bookcase is already overflowing they will stay there for a few days (cough that may be a small lie when i say days cough)
The mini chicks are going on some easter nests in half hour time.
The bucket, ball under table and Thomas Tank book are my boys. They just leave stuff laying around and i don't know where they get it from!!!
Any eagle eyed book binders will see a Keith Smith (bookbinding bible) on the table. I am working up courage to progress with my skills.

So my plans for this week aren't making, reading, cooking, etc but tidy, tidy, tidy.


Tanya from Cards with a Difference said...

We are all guilty of tidying up before we photograph our crafting space. I know I do the same. However I am a little bit OCD when it comes to my craft room and everything has to be in it's place and close to hand in my fab desk and once I have completed one project I move onto another. I understand that it can be difficult though if you have children around as in your case and a husband too. I don't have children to mess up and my husband is a very good cleaner so I think I have a good life overall.

Mrs Jones said...

It's not that bad - you should see mine! Mine doubles as a guest room and so I just shoved it all in a corner while we had a guest and it's still like it now.