6 April 2012

it was a grrrr day!

The other evening i felt like crafting, without even thinking about it 4 journal covers were made, with time to spare.

(a sneaky peep.)

Now yesterday was a totally different story.
I made a cover and i was happy with but it needed an extra something ...
well i should have stopped when i needed 11 matching brads and had 10 (not a problem could work with that) until dropped one and it landed into the bin, each time i tried to reach it it went further into the bin.
The project went bad to worse and the whole thing ended up joining the brad.
Not even a piece of photographic evidence exists.

I should have stopped there but i took a break and started again...
Onto the next project. Went well, until it was completed.
It isn't my usual "full of colour" journal.
It's too pale and annoys me.
Watch my shop this may appear as a reduced journal.

I probably should have stopped there, but i took another break and went again...
Next journal was going well until the damn machine didn't go the way it should.

grrrr. Well i definately should have stopped there...
Instead i went for a simple foolproof project.
A keyring.
Usually i stitch every part but decided to glue some fabrics together to help stiffen them.
Why did i try something new on a bad craft day!!
It's unfinished but spot the mistake...
Yep! i forgot to leave space for the ribbon and split ring!

Still wasn't all bad as my new tin arrived for thread storage.
I love the basket but it doesn't have a lid and don't want dusty cottons!!
It's fab isn't it?
The quote:
"I can't eat more than ten biscuits in one go...
ten is enough."
although have to admit yesterday ten would not have been enough if i had some haha
(and they came as a set of three).

Feel free to share your crafting diasters.


tamarajayne said...

I know exactly what you mean! I had a great card-making session the other day, then yesterday (which was supposed to be easy tag-making) turned into a long long time of work for just two tags and a lot of mess!
Best wishes for better days to come xx

Mimi and Tilly said...

I had a day like that yesterday. In the end, I had to tell myself to step away from the art journal! Em x