9 May 2012

Brown paper packages.

Well more like bulky padded jiffy bags!

Packaging is something which i feel is important.
I hate wasteful packaging but don't mind if it is

My parcels are always
wrapped in tissue paper ... to look pretty
sealed in sealed bag ... incase outer packet gets damaged
Jiffy bag ... add protection.

However i have recently been giving this alot of thought.
Main reason being the recent postal price changes.
Some of my journals will fit large letter but by time they are packaged they end up as parcel.
Sometimes the air hasn't been squeezed out.
Sometimes it's the little extras bulking things up.
Sometimes the inside packaging is too thick.
My journals vary in size and shape so need the packaging to be adaptable and easily available.

So my options are:
 sealable bags used inside aren't cheap and also aren't easy to obtain in various sizes.
Jiffy bags are limiting as my journals can fit large letter but sometimes end up going parcel as the packet is slightly too thick.
Is gift wrapping really needed. Some people charge extra for this service.

At the moment i have alot of jiffy bags as i brought a large quantity from Ebay, the seller made a mistake and sent me exta free so ended up 75 of them! Bonus!
These do add protection for my journals and have yet to hear of any that have actually gotten damaged.
I gift wrap because i was lucky enough to be given a drawer full of tissue paper, that happen to be A3 size.

Hmmmmmm...thinking...thinking...my brain hurts!!
going to do away with the sealable bags inside.
Also going to trial posting bags for my larger journals.

I am a fickle person and this may change by next week though.
Still open to any suggestions.
How do you package your parcels??


say it says said...

It's definitely worth trying to get your parcels under 2.5cm thick. Yesterday I went to post a parcel that just fit through and cost me £1.20 first class - if it hadn't gone through their slot it would have been £2.70!
I just use brown envelopes rather than jiffy bags, because as you say they just add too much thickness. If the items are wrapped in a little tissue paper or bubble wrap they should be fine (unless they are breakable!).

liz said...

I wrestle with this as well. Too much packaging is just wasteful, but pretty packaging makes the things look special:) At the moment, on the (few) sales I have made, I wrap in tissue paper and put in a recycled jiffy bag. Compromise.

Deanne said...

hi honey i use mailing bags as my items are really breakable!
everything is gift wrapped in tissue paper and then i purchase my mailing bags from ebay, they come in so many different colours and sizes and in bulk too - heres the link


Silver Moss Jewellery said...

I wrap my jewellery in organza bags and tissue paper, then cover that in thinnish cardboard, and then put that in a jiffy bag. Unless I'm selling a lot, or something bulky, they go through fine as large letters.

The change in postal charges has made me decide to send things second class for now, to avoid raising my postage costs.

It must be very hard for you, when you're never sure whether things will fit into large letter size, or wether they're parcels. Have you thought of getting boxes? They might cost more to buy initially but if you then know they'll go as large letters you may not have to worry so much in the long run.