8 May 2012

Parents evening and Tatler

I am very lucky to have a supportive family.
They are very encouraging about my craftyness.
But i'm not the only crafter in the family.
My husband likes warhammer he is an amazing mini model painter.
Charlie is very creative and my number one fan!

A recent parent evening meant I got to meet his art teacher.
We sat down to chat and she asked him if he did much art at home. He replied with a simple yes. Being a proud mum I had to chip in telling her that he does alot and loves to invent fun characters.
We got to talking about Bot ...
... how Bot has featured on my journals and as keyrings.
She asked if this was Folksy as Charlie had previously spoken to her about it.
(I remember him coming home in first term very pleased because his art teacher had heard of Folksy).
The parent-teacher chat came to a standstill as we got chatting about my journals, she even brought my shop up on her laptop so she could be shown the ones which feature Charlies work.
The cool thing was she didn't need telling my shop name but went straight to it and even started to tell me about her favourite journals while it loaded!
One cool teacher, a very proud mum and my young Folksy supporter.

The journals which feature Charlies work are my London ones.
A recent attempt to make my shops look more professional included retaking all the photos and adding props to the main feature photo.
For the London journals I used my Britains soldiers.
Well imagine my excitment when browsing this months copy of Tatler (as you do!) and I noticed the props they used.

Get me ... and the fact i did it before Tatler!!

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