4 June 2012

Wet weekend = Crafty Weekend

The Bank Holiday weekend wasn't the best weather.
It was not only wet but VERY cold.
Still it gave me a chance to catch up on those projects i had on my to do list.

Firstly we made Union Jack paper chains....funnily enough i brought the kit when the Royal Wedding "stuff" hit the shops and i had my scrapbooking head on. It sat unused but now adorns our living room.
Then we made THE Union Jack!!!
The boys had lots of fun with pva glue:
It now hangs in our living room window.

Next project was my sewing machine cover.
I am ashamed to admit this has sat all pinned and ready to sew for ages but i needed to wind a new bobbin and that is a job i hate so kept putting it off.
The pillow case was a bargain find and the green band was taken from a childs skirt (Charity shop find).
The back detail...buttons are purely decoration BUT they are orange so enough said!

Next job of the day was a phone cover for Charlie.
His plastic cover broke last week so let him pick his own fabric:
Thankfully he chose a fabric i have plenty of, the first attempt fitted a bit too snugly! The matching button was made using my itop tool.
He loves it and i have to admit quite pleased with myself.

While the smug feeling lasted i decided to make him a laptop cover too.
Again he picked the fabric.
(This is a favourite of mine but because of the large pattern it has limited use.)
Once it was made i needed to make a fastening. I decided to go with buttonholes and more covered buttons.
Another successful project. 

A great crafty weekend.
What did you do??

Anyone go to London to see the Queen??


Deanne said...

totally totally love your sewing machine cover, i really must learn to use mine! (actually it needs a service i think)

love charlies projects you made for him too x

Vic at Blossom and Snowflakes said...

Love the flag! Sounds like you've been busy:) We've got our Jubilee garden party/BBQ this afternoon. Hope the rain doesn't come back... Off to London on Wed. Will be kids' first time in central London. Hope they'll be interested to see the Buckingham Palace etc in real life! Vic x

Jumbleberries said...

You have been having a crafty weekend! Love your sewing machine cover, that's one on my 'to do' list too.

Jumbleberries xx

Househund said...

My goodness you've been busy.