27 May 2012

Last week...

Typical get back into blogging and my blog decides to show me I shouldn't take things for granted.
It was scary when i logged in and was told "this blog is a security threat!!"
When i clicked to view blogs in my reading list and get told the same thing again!!
Few days break was taken and, phew, it all seems to be back to normal.
So what happened last week??

a journal:
When I made this I was never fully happy with it, then realised it because the book started out as a childrens book and the inside didn't reflect this.
Now I am fully happy and tempted to keep it...

 more unloved books.
a Roman story
Shakespeare:As you like it
Bible Story of David
all are now re-loved useable notebooks/journals...

 an exhibiton.
Can you see my work??
More on this in the week...

Must admit this is my least favourite issue.
Nothing jumped out at me...

 at Charlies photography.
This boy takes amazing photos...

Charlie has instrgram app on his phone.
He has even offered to take some journal photos for me...

After a button tin incident did not end well.
Alfie has discovered decorative tapes are ALOT more fun and don't cause unwanted chaos...

 out my food loves me...

revealed some treats.
My stepsister had one of these when she was younger (i was Secret 7 fan) but i loved this adventure book.
These 2 were 50p each and still had the whole kit included.
and a bag of lilac buttons 10p.

What great goodies will this week hold??

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