28 January 2013

new year, new style

For a long time i have wanted to make a themed journal but with a twist.
Americans seem to make journals with gusto, they include fabric pages and add anything and everything. You only need to look at Pinterest and Etsy to see these beautiful creations in abundance.
I LOVE the mixed up look, nothing is straight or plain ... they are very over the top.
Yet here in the Uk we seem to steer away from craziness. (this is a general observation and am not including everyone but something i have noticed from my searching and browsing).
I have never dared to make the journal i really wanted to. Then i started an altered book round robin (more on this in later post) and i made the journal i have always wanted to. It got great feedback. This inspired me.

Taking the plunge i made a Christmas journal using bits and pieces that have been collected over the years:

It went down very well and have now even been asked to make one for next Christmas!! Can't wait!!
I have since made some pirate ones:

A girly dress up one:
This paper dolly is the fanciest dressed dolly you will ever know.
Many more lined up :o)
I do want to say Thank You to Deanne who really pushed me to make the style of journal i wanted to make.


little brick house said...

Do you think you might do a tutorial on those books? it would be great to see how they are made?

Lizzie said...

Sometimes it's hard to get brave. We know (inside somewhere) that we could do it, if we really tried. But we're afraid to try - perhaps because it's something that matters to us, so failure (or not achieving perfection!) is not something we want to risk.

And when you take the risk and it works out... Woo-hoo!

Love the journals. What next?

Deanne said...

aw thanks honey, so pleased you finally realise just how amazing your journals are x

liniecat said...

Superb results!
love the idea of a pirate and dress up journals too!

Kate said...

Gorgeous! Make more ... lots more!. K x