30 January 2013

what i love

Recently received this suprise lady in the post.
Thank you Kitty Luna
Look at her tiny basket ... it's an acorn cup!!
My photography really doesn't show her true loveliness.
This was made by a special friend.
Thank you Jayne
She is always making me lovely, colourful, items.
It hangs pride of place on my crafty unit.
This cute heart (and the magnet it's hanging from) were made by another great friend.
  Thank you Deanne
The delicate stitching says deer friend.
This EXTRA special frame was made by my son.
It was school DT project.
The whole class had to vote on their favourite project and Charlie won.
I'm not suprised.
He even picked his favourite journal to put in it.
VERY proud Mum moment :o)
The photo of the solider (on the journal in the background) was also taken by him.
What are you loving today ??

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Deanne said...

what a fab read to start my day off, some sweet gifts :) x