10 February 2013

hmmm thoughts and thinking

I am at that crossroads.
It's time to move forwards ...
or left ...
or right??
I have had some serious thoughts lately (it does happen but not often!) my new journal styles have had great feedback.
Which left me thinking about my fabric journals.
I get asked ALOT at if i make them with removable covers, which i don't but, after recently making some for a special request, this got me thinking again. (may explain my recent headaches!!)
It is silly not make what people want.
Discovery facts:
-young boys journals don't sell well-
-older male journals sell really well-
-journals aimed at teenage girls don't sell well-
-pretty girl journals (aimed at youngesters) sell really well-
-if my heart isn't in a journal design it will show and these journals don't sell well-
-if i love the design i'm making it (and secretly want to keep it) it will sell well-
-birds (esp owls) and butterflies sell well but fairies don't sell well-
-quirky items sell ... strange do not!!!
-coloured pages don't sell well.
Another recent discovery is don't be afraid to try new things.
With this in mind i am going to change what i make.
I would be interested to see if other journal makers agree with these statements.


Deanne said...

im not a journal maker as you well know but it looks like you've done your homework on your sales and you should just go with your instinct
removeable covers will always have a plus side as they can be re used again and again
as for your mixed up journals, well you know how i feel about them, i love them
cant wait to take the journey with you of how your new style and approach pays off
big hugs x

Polly said...

Interesting, the way you organised your thoughts. I may just try it with the vintage bears and dolls. Not quite the same I know, but it might give me some insight into how to move forward.

Edwina Kinch said...

Good analysis - sometimes we need to step back and consider what sells and what doesn't. I agree you should never be afraid to try new things. I wish you lots of success with your new plans. (I am no longer selling on Folksy.)