10 February 2013


When you create something lovely you want to make sure it's packaged lovely too.

source: Etsy
I have to admit this is something i struggle with.
I LOVE packaging
... and often bring bring items home that i don't need just because they look great!

My journals have always been wrapped pretty but to be honest i have used what i have.
Being lucky enough to be given a HUGE pile of pretty tissue paper this is what i have been using BUT this isn't my real "style".
I am more bright rainbows than pretty pastels.

source: Pinterest
So after a re-think my parcels will now be packaged in a way that (i feel) shows what i make and what i love.
This involves:
brown paper
coloured string
typed label
book pages
AND alot of love and care.
 In the meantime feel free to share your packaging ideas and links.


Louise B said...

Love packaging. There is so many ways you can jazz up a gift. Love looking on Pinterest for inspiration.

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Like you I have been given loads of tissue that I use to package my items and I add printed ribbon with Ellie's Treasures on to finish it off. Perhaps I need to have a look around Pinterest too - love your ideas, especially the doilies, that's brilliant.