24 February 2013

Ribbons ... and MORE ribbons ...

... i first started buying ribbons for scrapbooking projects. 
They were stored as a "heap" in a pretty canvas box.
Trouble is now i use them alot for my journals and often need a certain one. The "heap" storage isn't working!!
I have kept with it until this week when i needed a tiny piece. A specific tiny piece.
After searching for a stupidly long time but no result i decided the time has come to sort this problem ... and find that piece of ribbon!!
Many ideas were looked at:
using old fashioned wooden pegs - would need alot of pegs!!
pins to keep the ends neat - would mark ribbon!!
modern pegs - again would need alot of pegs, take up alot of space!
wrapping elastic around - kept coming undone and fiddly!!
string - slip knot - cheap to buy .... THIS ONE!!
Top has 5 sections. Patterned, printed, spotty, textured.
Bottom has one big section. Twills, binding, larger pieces.
Each wrapped with string in slip knot.
Odd small pieces have a peg to keep them together.
Bags hold lace and elastic.
VERY organized (if i may say so myself!) the only negative point is the outside of the box.
I like pretty storage made to fit NOT practical and plastic but will make an exception in this case as I know the inside is full prettyness.
And i DID find that tiny (much needed) piece.
How do you store your ribbon??
* feel free to share a link in the comments *


Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Goodness, and I thought I had a lot of ribbons! I do love ribbons (probably as much, and may be a tiny bit more, than buttons). I keep mine in a the largest plastic drawer of my four drawer wheelie sewing storage thingy!! I remember seeing some fantastic ribbon storage ideas on Pinterest:



liniecat said...

Great ideas there...........I need to do the same lol
Guess you could cut n paste inspirational pica on the outside of the box?
Or decorate it with arty splodges of alcohol ink if you have any old stock...it colours plastics wierdly but wonderfully!

Lorna May said...

Elaine love those links, thanks fr sharing.
Liniecat i didnt think to decorate the box, brilliant idea!!