27 April 2013

Load of old (but fantastic and had to buy) Tat!!

Last time i saw a jumble sale advertised excitment hit me.
Told Charlie of my jumble sale memories, started to smile at thought of grabbing a bargain and getting into a jostle war on the stalls ...
We gathered our change and got there early. "The queues will be long" i told him.
It was NOTHING like that!
We struggled to spend 50p, came home very disheartened and my son thinking Mum really is mad. I had been rabbiting on about how great jumble sales are and he expected so much more.

Last week saw another another Jumble Sale was due (at same venue) and presauded Charlie to give it another go.
Just like the ones i remembered. Even got into the jumble sale jostle.
-Those clothes kept getting piled onto ones i was sorting through -- they kept getting sent back -- i passed across the biggest pile i could -- she gave in with a tut! -
That is the Jumble Sale Jostle.
Those jumble regulars who used to scare me away from the clothes when i was younger would have been proud.

  The bargains:
This little lot is a mix of old and modern toys.
Bob Builder playdough cutters (great for sandpit too!)
The cutest tin (even has moving wheels!)
Old jigsaws (Muppet Show one shouted at me!)

This lovely trolley deserved a photo of it's own!
The wheels need tightening but it's a sturdy piece.
It definately my star buy.
Lovely pile of fabrics:
One random piece of lovely checked fabric.
Vintage cushion cover.
Princess curtains.
lots of dresses = lots of fabric
A few old books.
You can never have enough books.
(In my head all the hoarder comments from friends - who know i have FAR too many - will argue this point!)
You can't beat the old pictures, fabric spines, simple text.
This gem of a book:
fairie - ality
have wanted this for years, since it first came out.
It's full of pretty costumes all made from items of nature.
Lastly a pile for Alfie.
Look at that treat on the very top!
We have a small collection of Topsy & Tim.
Not the modern characters of today but the ones from 1970s.
My actual ones from when I was a child. 
Today was a good day.
Not only did we come away with lots of bargains,
 lots of lovely items
... BUT let's not forget ...
today I won the jumble sale jostle!!!


Deanne said...

next time i expect an invite along to these jumble sales lol x your goodies look fab x

liniecat said...

You cant beat good jumble!
Its a character building and social event! with booty!