16 April 2013

I had to give in at some point ...

I get alot of requests for journal covers, it isn't something i make and used to refuse (to be honest i was scared as it new territory for me).
Then something happened.
On FB a lady was asking for an emerald green journal. My name had been put forward as a contact.

After a few emails back and forth i nervously made the requested cover.
Amazing amazing amazing!!!! Your journal making skills are amazing!!!!!

At the time i was just relieved it got there all in one piece and the lady liked it. Then as feedback started to sink in she requested another cover, this time in turquoise silk.

Ekkkk i usually avoid silk. It's a tricky fabric.
After accepting the challenge: first cover - burnt with the iron!!
It's okay we all learn from our mistakes!
Relax, take a deep breath and start again.
The result:
(sorry for the rubbish photos)
Another request the criteria was "feel free to go crazy and try stuff".
After emails going back and forth. A fun idea came to me, again it was something i've not tried before.
Use all those little scrap pieces (from other projects but too cute to thow away and too tiny to use for anything) to make a patchwork style cover.
It was a fun, crazy project and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The result:
(see the fancy pen holder, and my fancy Parker ink pen.)
Thank you VERY much Tracey for pushing me to try new things and trusting me.
I have since been inspired to use more of those tiny scraps.

Wanna see??
A6 reusable cover.
Shabby Chic style.
Pen holder.
Elasticated button loop closure.
Have you tried anything new lately??


Louise B said...

Love the notebook covers and all the colours. I have made one notebook cover in the past using a tutorial but I got confused when making it so haven't done any more sewing!

Deanne said...

i love your new style of journals, love the patchwork one especially, im sure the customer loved it loads x