14 April 2013

Pass the Parcel ... well Journal!

I recently signed up to take part in an Altered Journal Round Robin.
The rules:
Alter a journal.
Choose a theme.
Send it on it's way.
Eagerly await it's arrival home.

There were 8 of us involved and it was a great project to be part of. We all enjoyed it. It was nerve wracking knowing you were part of someones final project.

Mine started off as a very old book which ended up totally transformed.
Theme chosen: Things that make you happy

The finished outer cover:
... when you open the book:
...scrap fabric pieces and original book page...
...a sample of the numbered pages:
...each one has a page taken from Anne Of Green Gables,
with a different stitched border,
a layered, numbered tag (number has been die cut)...
...Back of each page:
...a tiny stamped tag which each artist signed & dated...
...another peek at inside pages:
...inside back cover:
...with the sneaky peek of lace...
...bunting is covered in words of happy things, die cut lettering, Paperchase stickers...
...Patterned page:
...mix of paper and fabric,
...my most favourite quote stamped over the top,
"tomorrow is always fresh with no mistakes in it"...
...My collaged typewriter:
...fabric scrap, machine stitched detail, brads and cutest label...
...Now for the Artists work:
A great project to be part and can't wait for future ones.
Thank you Kitty Luna


Sarah said...

This looks fun!
I just tried the link to facebook but it didn't bring up the page.
Let me know when another round robin is starting, wouldn't mind trying something new!

Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

That looks fabulous - such a lot of hard work you've put into it - well done. Sounds like you really enjoyed taking part.

Deanne said...

oh it looks fabulous lorna!
i love all the details the other artists have added as well, a real keepsake and treasure x