9 May 2013

i am not a real fish

This blog post started way back in November 2011
Gail Griggs started a fantastic project which featured a (not real) fish.
The fish featured in a different place and pose for 365 days.
It was great, myself and Charlie were BIG fans.
(We even saw him out alone in Paperchase once!!)
Then fish went onto bigger and better things ...
He became the star of his own book ...
We had to have that book ...
... we got one!
All the photos from the fish project are in it.
This book is the best!!!
It came at a perfect time when we were all suffering bugs, illness, stuck in our sick beds.
We happily sat finding fish.
Alot of fun was had by all of us (ages ranging from 3 years to 30-ish).
You can open it up at any page, for a quick flick through or a long browse, this book never bores.
As Gail couldn't sign the book she kindly sent us 3 mini fish photos of our choice.
It was hard choosing 3 from 365!
Pop across to Gails page and buy one of your own.
Definately a favourite in our bookcase.
Even though Gail isn't doing a 365 project this year, she is doing an alphabet one on a friday!
Check out her gorgeous photography:
her FB page has links to where you can buy her work.

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Gail Griggs said...

Hi Lorna,

Thank you so much for writing about my wee book. It looks so good in your pictures too!