8 June 2013

A change around ...

This is how my most used tools are currently stored.
Very randomly in
*a desk sorter,
*pencil pot.
I've never been happy but didn't really know how to change it.
Then ... 
... an idea hit me!
(i know the rate these ideas are hitting me is shocking ... and slightly frightening!)
The idea is ...
... CUPS!!!
Cups of various sizes and designs.
Tim listened to my idea.
He didn't dismiss it or question it - a good start!
 In fact him and Charlie even got me a few for my birthday to help start me off.
The result:
i can now "grab and go" 
choosing the one which contains the tools needed for the job...
this tray is the scissor tray.
See my new tool - a scissor sharpener.
(not gonna lie a little bit excited as wanted one for a lonnnggg time)
Charlie picked this FAB button cup.
It holds paintbrushes.
Miffy looks after the glues.
Who doesn't love the Gruffalo??
His child is looking after the pens & pencils.

Winnie The Pooh holds the rulers.

Tinkerbell mug is LARGE!!!
She stores my clips.

This  gorgeous tray and cup was another birthday gift and is sitting looking cute while waiting for something to store.
In our house we have always used old chipped cups as pen pots so i just took it a step further:
they easy to pick up,
 far too pretty to sit in a cupboard,
plus more likely to get chipped and broken if used for drinking.
Some are old but each one has a memory for me or reminds me of a special person.
Do you have any special cups??

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